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the first time, the very first time, “its over”
it breaks, like a water glass
and we,
we don’t realize the futility
so we glue it
back together
by shards
by the sight of our heart
we glaze over
crack, nicks, chips
scratches and missing pieces
and continue to drink from it
but when we use it
we get cut
over and over
until finally we blink with the pain of it
the site
the vision of it
the red
in our eyes
overpowers the fantasy in our heart
we look and we see and, “Oh…,”
we know, we both know
it’s trash, so we throw it away
turn our eyes to ourselves
focused on our own skins once again
concentrating, picking out slivers

an old flat twist out on flat ironed hair

an old flat twist out on flat ironed hair

Song of the Day- Justify My Thug - Jay-Z

Pondering Poetry.

I try with all my might to hide from you.

Taking vacations on social networks.

Escaping via text message.

And there you are.

Waiting. Patiently.

For the day that I pick you up again.

My first true love.

I’ve given those not worthy power over your posession.

I knew you belonged to me, but did not see myself worthy.

I failed you.

Afraid to look you in the spine.

I ran.

I’m a coward. Don’t I fucking know it.

And you still love me.

No matter what side I show you, you wait.

Can I truly be worthy of your love?

You show me all the time, that all you want is me.

But I share you.

Like some hoe on Maury, torn between two brothers.

I fucked you. With syllables, verbs, and punctuation. I rode you.

Because to me. The harder the orgasm the deeper the….

I loved you, but how could you love me?

When I didn’t love myself. 

You gave me candied yams, mac n cheese, greens, cornbread, and fried chicken love.

And I was still hungry.

Baby I know I was greedy. 

I played.

Like a nigga with a lil dick.

I forsake you.

Tried to make you cum quick.

You waited.

It has taken me all these years to see.

My first love is poetry.


Shafiq Husayn - Lil’ Girl Feat. Fatima Stephen Thundercat Bruner (by sactown95757)